Acer Intelligent Parking Cloud & Parking APP

Acer cloud smart parking solution provides intelligent parking services. Drivers can locate the available parking spaces through the APP service, and the information provided will be sorted by pricing/distance/popularity/remaining spaces etc. The navigation service can guide the driver to the right spot.. To enter the parking lot is just simply scanning the APP QR code and the risks of losing parking token or ticket is eliminated! LPR (license plate recognition) feature enables the function for drivers to locate their vehicle or checking the vehicle status. For further development, the APP service can be incorporated to shopping mall loyalty programs.

Car parking will be a more than easy thing to do in the city from now on.
1. Easy¡GLooking for parking lots and parking spaces
2. Mobility¡GEntry the gate via LPR/ANPR/e-Tag
3. Multi-payment¡GEasy Card/ TWSC Card/i-Pass/Mobile Phone APP
4. Speed¡GSearching for your owner car via smart phone/Kiosk
5. Performance¡Gimprove the parking operator revenue and operation performance
1. Cloud Architecture
2. Smart Identification
3. Multi-Payment / Mobile Payment
4. Parking space detection
5. Intelligent car searching
6. Big Data Parking Service
Parking Information
1. Parking information signage service - save 9 minutes in average for the parking space searching time.
2. Combing transportation cloud service to provide mobile app for parking inquiry, booking and pre-paid services.
Smart Identification
1. Parking without token - intelligent devices (LPR/ANPR/e-Tag)
2. Mobile payment - parking via Smart Contactless card and mobile phone.
Parking Space Detection
1. Parking guidance service can look for parking space in parking lot and guide the driver to the parking spot.
2. Intelligent car searching: using geo-magnetic sensors, ultra-sonic sensor or license plate recognition software to provide car location searching services.
Parking Management System
1. Parking Management System is based on discrete architecture, cooperated with cloud service, providing management on each parking service station and automatic payment machine.
2. PMS can also provide a lot of services, such as car location, cash transaction and contactless payment etc¡K
Parking Service Platform (PSP)
1. Parking Service Platform (PSP) is the Cloud Platform for parking service.
2. PSP is also the best way to optimize the parking management.