Partnering with Microsoft, Acer continues to offer the next generation of computer sharing resource solution for budget conscious users in small offices, classrooms, libraries, labs, and cyber cafes. Powered by Acer C100 F3 micro server for day-to-day computing processing and Acer zero terminal client stations for client computing operations, this solution offers a friendly, robust, and a reliable computing environment.
Features and Benefits
More Powerful Host Computer
Acer C100 F3 equips with newest v3 Xeon CPU, faster 1600 DDR3 memory, up to 16 TB of storage space, and integrated HD graphic and support NVS510 Multi Stream Technology

Energy Reduction
Acer SRC-Terminal solution technology significantly lowers energy consumption than their PC counterparts from its minimal parts, fan-less design, and efficient thermal design. The Acer SRC-Terminal client station consumes less than 5 watts of power, compared to 75 – 150 watts for a traditional PC; users can cut the cost of their electricity bills significantly.

Low Overall Manpower
Acer SRC solution is much simpler to manage with an intuitive user interface, and it is easy to manage from WMS 2012 Manager Console.
Moreover, by only installing the program once on the host computer, it will be ready to use on all of user stations. Administrator can also log on to all stations at one time with auto-logon, using existing Windows Group Policies, and providing on-site or remote assistance when teachers or users need additional help without being on-site.

Lower Overall TCO
One host computer can provide the computer processing power for up to twenty users to perform different tasks simultaneously. The cost saving can save up to 66% . Moreover, it also greatly reduces the requirement of labor for service and maintenance during the product lifecycle. This would represent 11%1 of overall potential savings.

Increased Reliability
with no moving part in SRC terminal architecture in client side, higher reliability is expected. From Gartner’s report, the MTBF (mean time between failures) is greatly increased to 150,000 hours in terminal client operation comparing to 25,000-30,000 hours from traditional PCs.

Increased Security
having no hard drives or CD ROM in each client device and with no resident operating system or application, the virus intrusion and infection are merely immune. Administrator can also restrict USB access, so system is being protected from foreign and unauthorized data.

Intuitive Client Manager
A built-in WMS 2012 Manager Console, administrator without technical knowledge can easily add, delete, interrupt, or change each station’s status from one convenient location. Administrator can also see how many stations are being used, which user is using which system, and check to see whether hardware is connected properly.

2013 New Features
1) New hardware platform for faster processing, more storage capacity, and fault tolerance feature.
2) New devices supported – USB and Ethernet terminal client, thin client, repurposed PC/Laptop, or Windows 8 tablets or PC.
3) Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) supported
4) Live chat with users
5) Project one station to another or all
6) Role based accounts
Success Reference
1. MoE Dominican

2. Dept of Correction Thailand

Department of Corrections Thailand (DoC) wants to have an efficient facility and offers inmates a secure and safe environment.
DoC challenges
1) Use less budget to replace aged and poor performance PCs.
2) Able to manage centrally and monitor each station when necessary
3) Minimum IT support and maintenance requirement
4) Have a proven solution and a reputable partner to implement
5) Performance should not be less than existing PCs.
a happy user from :
1) hardware and software cost saving
2) very minimal IT staff to maintain

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