Features and Benefits
High Availability
ASCB solution incorporates high availability capability in compute and storage nodes, providing continuous service and a minimum of downtime for mission critical applications.

Rapid Setup
After installing hardware, the ASCB solution can be installed and run within half a day. Users can quickly deploy and enjoy a user-friendly, scalable private cloud solution.

Easy-to-Use Portal
Acer’s CSP is an easy-to-use portal allowing IT users to quickly and easily create virtual machines (VMs) from a template and deploy within minutes.

Validated Architecture
Acer solutions are tested and proven to work in real businesses. Providing complete software and hardware solution, Acer’s validated architecture can be scaled to support business expansion.

Success Reference
Acer Smart Cloud Builder (ASCB) has built many reference sites across APAC like Taiwan, Thailand and China in the segments of education and government. In these success cases, users use ASCB to optimize resource usage in order to cope with application workload.
Solution Stack
ASCB solution includes compute servers, storage servers, network equipment, plus a management platform – CSP. The solution is designed for mission critical applications by providing on-premise or remote site implementation of high availability compute and storage nodes.

Acer Smart Cloud Builder Solution Stack
Solution Packages
ASCB is easy and rapid to deploy. Could Smart Portal (CSP) can support these popular hypervisors, XenServerR, Hyper-V?, or VMwareR ESXi. Then users can start to enjoy the CSP features like on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service. In addition, IT managers can also deploy Acer compute servers and relevant storage servers to host the cloud environment for fast implementation of the cloud platform according to system and business needs. For example, this is a case of ASCB G package of XenServer system architecture based on Acer compute server Altos R360 F2 (XenServer as hypervisor system) and Acer storage server Altos R380 F2 (CentOS and GlusterFS):

Acer Smart Cloud Builder XenServer G Package

Cloud Smart Portal
Cloud Smart Portal (CSP) supports a choice of major hypervisors, e.g. VMwareR ESXi, Hyper-V?, and XenServerR. Virtualization is only the first step in realizing the benefits of private cloud computing. CSP enables the key features of cloud computing: on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service. CSP provides a user-friendly single-entry portal, with automated process management and resource monitoring capacity for the different needs of each defined role. Therefore, users can easily manage their private cloud and enjoy the benefits of cloud computing. The functions and features of CSP are as follows:

Module Function Module Function
On-Demand Self-Service Service Portal Resource Pooling VMware hypervisor
Role-based access control Hyper-V hypervisor
Project control XenServer hypervisor
Service catalogue Host HA
VM subscription VM fault-tolerant
Approval process Rapid Elasticity Scale up/down
Automated provisioning Scale in/out
VM operations Guest OS install from ISO file
VM motion Project across multiple VLAN
Autoscan discovery Measured Service Performance monitoring
Account sync with AD Utilization monitoring
Event logs Event alerting
CSP heartbeat Dashboard (4-tier)
Company logo placement System topology maintenance
Broad Network Access VM IP  by DHCP Monitoring threshold toggle
VM IP  by fixed IP Billing/chargeback
Microsoft load balancing Service report subscription
F5 load balancing Configuration table