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Veriton P130 F3

Power to achieve

The Veriton P130 F3 workstation incorporates enterprise-grade hardware to deliver rock-solid performance and dependability, as well as great flexibility. With power-saving processors and substantial advancements in HDD and memory maximization, the P130 F3 offers a comprehensive solution for all business scenarios and 2D design projects.

Veriton P330 F2

Power to excel

Made for designers, engineers and research professionals, the Veriton P330 F2 workstation can easily handle professional video-editing and 3D modeling, as well as mid-sized CAD projects. This workstation represents an excellent combination of performance and expandability; and it’s the best-in-class choice for computing and rendering tasks.

Veriton P530 F2

Power to dominate

With up to 16 physical cores, and capable of supporting 3 GPUs, the Veriton P530 F2 offers extreme computing, rendering, and 3D-graphics performance for the most demanding designers and engineers. This powerful machine is ideal for intensive video-processing, large 3D design projects (more than 1000 objects), and professional simulation software like ANSYS and Altair.