Acer Veriton P Series Workstation: Worthwhile for CFD Experts

CFD are increasingly and widely used in all kinds of application of complex engineering. The demand of computing power for CFD is continuing growing. The performance of a computing system affects a lot to the efficiency and cost of research and development. The Japanese CFD leading brand Software CRADLE Applied ThermalFluid Analysis Center (ATAC) works with Acer to conduct a series of CFD application and platform testing and certification which includes the HPC cluster and workstation platforms.

The certification is targeted on the Software CRADLE flagship CFD product - SC/Tetra and scSTREAM. The series of computational tests not only proofs the excellent computing power and correctness but also shows the high cost performance of all Acer products. During the series of tests, Acer also shows the impressive service and support ability.

Software CRADLE Applied ThermalFluid Analysis Center (ATAC) highly recommended Acer Veriton P series workstation to CFD users.

Acer Workstation Test Case

Computing Target:airflow modeled in Shibuya, Japan (range of 2000m x 2000m)
Hardware:Acer Veriton P530 F2
Software:CRADLE scSTREAM V11
Center buildings:1120
Environment city block:230
Computing duration: 8 hours (4 times faster than general PC)

Software CRADLE Applied ThermalFluid Analysis Center (ATAC) :