Studio X-Gene

Company Profile

Studio X-Gene is an automotive design and engineering company that has established itself throughout Asia as a premier concept designer of motor vehicles. Its intimate knowledge of design and engineering, along with a distinct Asian perspective allows it to provide one-of-a-kind automotive design services to its customers.

Acer Solution

Understanding the complexities of modern automotive designs, keeping costs down and speeding up time-to-market are key concerns of Studio X-Gene. Its customers are constantly under pressure to get from the conceptual design stage to final production as efficiently as possible. Veriton P series workstations with NVIDIA® Quadro© and Tesla© GPUs have been helping Studio X-Gene address these concerns. These workstations are powerful computing systems that are robust enough to handle heavy 3D design work. They have enabled Studio X-Gene to streamline its 3D model creation process and take advantage of simulation analysis tools. With Acer Veriton P series workstations, Studio X-Gene has seen significant performance improvements to the extent that rendering concept images can be achieved in just minutes as opposed to hours in the past.

Acer in Technical Computing

Technical computing is a field that helps designers, engineers, scientists and researchers leverage computers to complete highly specific tasks. Acer’s approach to technical computing is comprehensive.
-Focus on the customer application to understand what areas can lead to performance bottlenecks
– Offer just the right set of specifications to ensure the lowest possible TCO – Through industry partnerships, Acer can also offer advice to customers looking to grow or enhance their IT infrastructure
– Scalable performance and management tools to help customers take advantage of cluster technologies for both 3D design and detailed analysis


Albert Yang – Executive Director, Studio X-Gene

When we were building up our next-generation computing capabilities, the Acer team provided excellent and timely information, support and their in-depth technology know-how. Our relationship with Acer has been very fruitful and the results have greatly benefitted our customers in terms of the creative design output we have been able to offer them.