Acer sponsors the 26th Annual International Olympiad in Informatics

The 26th annual International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), an annual international secondary school computer programming competition, was held in Taiwan in July 2014. Computing equipment for the event was supplied Acer, as the Platinum Sponsor, as part of its event sponsorship program, and included a comprehensive range of Acer IT products including tablet PCs, notebooks, All-In-One PCs, display monitors, servers and storage, totaling over eight hundred devices.

About 80 national teams joined this IOI. Acer sponsors over 800 of IT equipment, such as tablet PC, notebook, AIO PC, monitor, Sever and storage device.

Through deployment planning, the installation process and the performance and stress testing, Acer team was following the most strict quality standard for the whole system implementation. Acer server and the whole system had proved it is with high performance computing and over expectation for calculating power during this IOI.

Acer could proudly announce that over 200units tablet PC Iconia A1 worked well with 3G communication devices for the leaders of 83 joint countries to achieve timely communication and paperless environment.

Otherwise, in order to popularize ACER BYOC service, all contestants could use Acer Cloud app through the AIO PC for free in the public areas. Acer applauded the promoting according to presenters request.