Acer Client Virtualization T Solution- Anhuisanlian University, China.

Case Background
Anhuisanlian University is located a) the Ho-Fei College Park in the Ho-Fei Province Economic Development Zone area. The school is registered with National Education Department and is offering university degrees. There are currently more than 13,800 students, over 70 various types of labs and a library collection of more than 800,000 copies. For the last few years, the university has been recognized and awarded with honor distinction in “Education in Innovation”, “Employment Success”, “5A Organizational Education Planning”, etc.

Class learning has never been more resourceful than before: mass information is pouring in from different sources; there are more and more teaching tools and methods available and constantly improving. ; Students are eager to absorb whatever available from Internet.

At the same time, information security and broadcasting to different levels of people need to be addressed and implement carefully. Screening and managing information now requires a more flexible and open architecture. Because of the above, the university plans to adopt private cloud infrastructure leveraging client virtualization architecture to replace traditional client-server architecture and to create a better managed, more efficient, and effective green teaching environment.

Before solution implementation

Before the Acer client virtualization solution has been implemented, the university was using the traditional client-server architecture by installing all the student software on every student’s personal computers. At the same time, all information is also resided within that personal computer. From this architecture, there were many hidden security risks and many maintenance issues were exposed such as following:
1. Computers are scattered in various locations and unable to be managed centrally. The IT personnel were having
    difficulties in doing daily maintenance.
2. Valuable information was stored in different PCs, and users could copy the information at any time unnoticed
    with a simple thumb drive. Information scattered made the system unable to intelligently processed and
    managed. Moreover, each PC’s information was greatly exposed to virus intrusion, bugs, Trojans, spyware,
    bots, and rootkits.
3. Each personal computer had different configurations with different brands of components and different versions
    of software/applications, thus they were hard to be managed and maintained.
4. High failure rate from incompatibility of different versions and types of applications made the computer easy to
    crush and difficult to troubleshoot.
5. Personalized computer settings made maintenance difficult and IT personnel were easily overloaded.
6. Often, teachers were required to copy files from different locations to get the most updated information for
    student to use. This process had made the information easy to be lost and is inconvenient for teachers.

Acer recommended architecture and implementation
1. Multimedia classrooms
By offering teacher personal accounts to access the private cloud though cloud clients on touch-featured all-in-one, the architecture has delivered a modernized teaching convenience.
2. Access to your PC at anytime and anywhere
Every teacher and student would have a cloud client account to access any device (Smart TV, Tablet, or Personal Computer) from anywhere. There is no need to carry U disk around and has delivered unprecedented learning environment.
3. Cloud classroom
With the replacement with cloud service, computer classrooms are no longer noisy with machines sound but quiet, low energy, flexible, and ease of maintain green cloud classroom.

Acer Client Virtualization T Solution brief
The solution has been tailored for cloud based classrooms by architecting with “multiple layers model.” We separated our design layers to Client layer, Central IT room layer, and Management layer to meet school’s overall requirement and future expansion needs. Each layer is designed for school’s special needs in scheduling, applications, security, data management, budget, future expansionetc.

Cloud Room Architecture Diagram

Solution Advantages

1. Tighter security
Cloud client only display the information from data center while applications, user data, and user profiles are all secured in data center. We allow users to manage and backup cloud clients’ information without interrupting users’ personal settings. Since information are centrally managed and protected, the risks of virus intrusion are greatly reduced.
2. Better scalability
Acer Client Virtualization T Solution is a scalable architecture, which makes the enterprise free rom capacity worries. Instead of traditional orders with 3-years or 5-years budget expenditure model to reserve budget and capacity in the beginning, we only need to pay for current needs. This model greatly reduces the overall IT operation resources, and more importantly, it eliminates the risk of unnecessary investment.
3. Better collaboration with higher agility
Adapting the constantly changing environment and running the business with efficiency are our daily challenges. Acer Client Virtualization T-solution provides the same user experience at any time and any place for every user without interruption with a better collaboration and accelerated the efficiency of work.
4. Better desktop reliability
The solution expands server’s reliability and performance to individual cloud clients. With the advantages of resource integration, load balancing, automatic backup and recovery, the solution makes cloud clients last longerwith lower failure rate, better reliability, and guarantee the continuity.
5. Smarter management and more efficient desktop implementation
Client Virtualization T-solution offers centralize management with automation. This solution allows school IT to dynamically deploy the environment base on user’s requirement with more flexibility, efficiency, and adaptability which reduced the deployment time from days to minutes.
6. Outstanding resource integration and demand scaling
Client Virtualization T-Solution dynamic environment integrates resources and dispatch proper resources to different applications for best load balancing and smart deployment to make the resources optimized.

Customer Feedback

1、 Efficient service with good quality
2、 Meet the original expectations
3、 Smooth operation and easy to manage
4、 Reduced overall manpower cost and improved usage efficiency

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Acer Client Virtualization T Solution
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Acer Client Virtualization T solution
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