Acer Client Virtualization Solution Success Story
Zhouqu Senior High School in the Gansu Province, China.

Four years ago, Zhouqu Senior High School had gone thru a devastate disaster, the “8.8 Mud Slide” with over 1200 death, 490 people missing, and over 2300 people injured. The whole city was nearly torn down and needed rebuild. This instance did not knock the city down, but stood up strong and re-built a better city and school.

After four years, Zhouqu Senior High School is now one of the most prestigious and has been selected as the role-model school in the Gansu Province, China. The recently built school has the most modernized buildings and facilities which accommodating up to 3000 resident students and nearly 200 teachers are from China’s finest universities. The school is constantly seeking creative teaching skills as well as offering the most advanced technology into the school curriculum.

After 2 years of rebuilt after the “8.8 Mud Slide”, the school is hungry for new information, and eager to get hands on everything they could to re-connect to the world. They need to quickly access to the outside world, and need to know how to retrieve information even the disaster strikes again. They require information backup as they have learned how the world could change in overnight from any force majeure instance. They need to educate the students the newest information even they are in rural area and need to have computer system up and running with minimum IT resource.

They turn this request to Acer and ask Acer to provide a best solution to adapt their requirement. Acer understands this school requires very high standards of quality as the school has been chosen as the role model school. Thus the solution has to be robust, proven, ready-to-use, and scalable for future expansion.

Acer China teams up with software and system integrator to propose “
Acer Client Virtualization T Solution.” The solution composes of Acer multi-CPU servers, Cloud Client Desktops, Virtualization Solution Software, overall system integration, training, and and services.

Prior to the full implementation of
The Acer Client Virtualization T Solution, Acer and Acer partners conducted the Proof of Concept to ensure all the required features and infrastructures had met the schools rigorous standards and functionalities before the full blown implementation. During the Proof of Concept stage, system was being virtualized connecting with intelligent cloud clients. The solution was able to optimize resources, allowing selected faculties and students using the same platform, using the system console to make management easier to and operate, and most importantly, IT administrator was able to remotely create/delete/monitor student accounts.

Acer Client Virtualization Solution is delivering Zhouqu Senior High School the service and solution that they have truly been waiting for. Student and faculties access the system through cloud client stations using individual and secured account. The applications are being shared among all students and faculties with security and privilege control, thus it greatly reduces both hardware and software expenditure. Moreover, IT resources are being optimized; there are no redundant or unused servers. This solution is easy to manage perfectly fitting into current schools limited resources. In addition, storage is also centralized making both IT and users easy to access as well as for IT administrator to backup and monitor its capacity quickly. The solution comes with Cloud Client Desktops. These desktops are great for classroom with low noise, consuming very little power, and spacing saving. Students will get hands on them easily and quickly. The desktop design also meets many of environmental friendly standards.

The Gansu Zhouqu Senior High School officials are very pleased after the solution is being implemented. The feedback from both students and faculties are all very positive. School officials are very proud to be the pioneer to use it with such success. This solution has started with 101 Cloud Client Desktops, but this solution has become the de facto standards for cloud based solution in education now. This solution has boosted Acer and partner with confidence, as the school plans to use the same solution in other places such as offices, multimedia classrooms, and library.