100% Cloud-Based Architecture
  • Accessed by any devices any where and any time
  • On-Demand Self-Services
  • Resource Sharing pool
  • Flexible rapid re-eployment
  • Monitored and measured system services
    Weak point Scan、Penetration test、Trojan Horse detection
  • Procedures passed the information security inspection
  • Regular scheduled inspection – accumulate a great deal of experiences
    Seckill Solution
  • H/W expansion: flexibility of cloud
  • S/W Design: Queuing Mechanism
  • Scheduled Tuning and Pressure Test
  • Partnership
    1. Stable and professional technical team
    2. The best Customer Service Quality, Guarantee the Customer Satisfaction
    Cross platform integration skill
    3. Fully integrated with online acquiring banks
  • Supported by acer e-payment Hub tech. team
  • Payment Gateway dev. Expr.
  • Connected with a lot of banks
  • Support different show program with diff. acquiring bank
  • 4. Closely cooperated with mobile operators
    5. Cross industrial cooperation – a win-win strategy

    Future Development
    Integrated with more peripheral system
  • Integrated with local transportation store-value cards
  • More mobile application integration (smart phone ticket booking, ticket in electronic form, e-Magazine etc…)

  • E-ticket platform
  • Booking (One stop shopping)
  • QR code ticket(pick-up, refund, transfer)
  • Anti-fraud(DRM)
  • Automated ticket validation
  • Successful Stories
    Op Comp / Yuan-Chi Ticket Selling
  • 1998 The first Internet on-line ticket booking and selling system in Taiwan
  • 2000 『Yuan-Chi Ticket Selling』, interfacing with Taiwan National theater and concert hall ticket booking system, and provide online ticket booking services for Yuan-Chi members.
  • 2001 Provide booking service with PDA
  • 2002 Provide i-mode mobile ticket booking services
  • Provide ticket selling service for variable kind of activities and shows: Concert, Recital, Play, Dancing, Family Campaign, Professional Baseball and Movie

    Stadium / National Concert Hall
  • Yearly Revenue exceeding one billion NTD
  • The largest program selling volume among all Taiwan ticketing selling system
  • Fulfill the demand of “Seckilling”
  • The most complete system among all the competitors

  • Hosts

    Acer Products
  • Enterprise Client
  • Server : Tower . Rack . High Density
  • Storage
  • Workstation