• Manage all the roles in the single system
    Manage all the aspect of the whole auction process, starting from car entering the garage till it is sold, every role participating the process will be managed by the system
  • Inspection using a panel PC
    1. Combing filling up the inspection form electronically, taking pictures of the cars and uploading to server automatically.
    2. Standardize the inspection form
    3. Upgrade the quality of the form
    4. Simplified the inspection process
    5. Lower the cost in vehicle inspection
  • Mobile auction APP
  • Highly flexible, low cost and easy to deploy
  • Encrypt and record each and every bidding information in greater detail – prevent dispute
  • Successful Stories
  • Taiwan-ShinJang SAA Vehicle Auction Center
  • China-ChenYi Vehicle Auction Center

  • Functions
    Function Diagram

    System confguration

    Acer Products
  • Enterprise Client
  • Server : Tower . Rack . High Density
  • Storage
  • Workstation